Introduction of the blog!!

Hey everyone! I’m so psyched to finally have my own blog. I’m no more a fascinated idiot waiting to reach everyone through her words.

I guess its only fair to indulge yourself in some kind of hobby. I mean sure you are serious about your career or probably have a family to maintain but that doesn’t  mean you can’t have a little “me” time every now & then doing what you love. So, here i am doing what i love!

Okay! Enough of the chatter.. How about a little preview of what i’m about to do here? This blog is basically about what i do best, that is ofcourse giving my advice and opinion. I’ve gotten so many compliments about how i help people with my insights. May it be an opinion on a dress or a simple advice for relationship problems. You name it, i got it!


So, i hope i’ll be able to help you all.. I’ll be posting in accordance with my daily experiences. At the same time, i’d be happy to take requests. So, if any of you happen to have any queries regarding my blog or if you have a problem that’s been bothering you for long, feel free to mention it in the coments or you can email your requests for a specific topic you want me to post for.
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